All Ionian & Aegean Island Holiday package holidays (flight inclusive) are protected by ATOL which means in the event you are not able to travel due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions; your holiday is protected.

We understand that you may have questions about your upcoming holiday with us:


Q.  I am due to travel with you on 25th April 2020, will my holiday go

A. In line with UK Government FCO advice as well as that of the Greek Authorities, we are suspending all holidays on this date. We will be contacting all those guests affected individually to discuss the various alternatives on offer. In most cases, we are encouraging our guests to
re-book later this year, or if required you can rebook for 2021, all with no cancellation fees or administrative charges.

Q.  I am due to travel in May and the final balance for my holiday is
now due?

At present there is no FCO restrictions in place for travel in May, so holidays are planned to continue as normal.
We have extended our booking conditions so that your final balance due date will be 21 days before departure.
However, we are aware that FCO advice may be extended and if there is a major change to your holiday, we will inform guests travelling in order of their departure date.
For those affected, who are unable or unwilling to travel in May we are permitting changes to travel dates with no cancellation charge  (subject to airline policy* where applicable) and this can include dates in 2021, or if you prefer, the dates can be left open to give you more time to decide.

Q. I am due to travel with you in June, is my balance still due 8
weeks before my departure date?

A. At present there are no FCO restrictions in place for June, so holidays are presently to go ahead as planned. For all June holidays, balance due date will now be 28 days before your departure. New balance due date reminders will be sent out in due course.  Should you decide to cancel your holiday for June 2020, you will lose your deposit as normal cancellation policy will apply.

Q. What happens if I cancel where flights* have been separately bought
in for my holiday?

A. If the FCO have advised against travel most airlines will allow
changes for future travel. However, if there is no FCO advice in place and the flight is still operating most airlines will not allow cancellations or changes, in which case the full cost of the flight will be forfeited. We will however do our utmost to work out alternative arrangements.

Q.  I’m over 70 or I am considered at risk and have been advised to
self-isolate. What is the situation regarding my holiday?

A. If you have been advised to self-isolate or you are in high risk category as a result of ill-health or ongoing health issues, you will be receiving a letter from your GP or local Health Authority in the coming days. In this instance, we recommend that you speak with your travel insurance provider to see what cover you have in place in light of the latest Government advice surrounding self-isolation. If your GP has advised against travel, and they have provided you with official documentation to confirm this, you should also speak to your travel insurance provider for advice.
If your travel date is within 21days, to Greece, where the FCO advise against travel, we will be in touch to discuss your options.

Q.   My holiday is in July/August/September/October 2020, will it go ahead

A. We are very hopeful that all travel restrictions will be lifted by then and
holidays will continue normally. We are constantly monitoring the situation
and will inform you accordingly if there are any changes to these departure
Should you decide to cancel your holiday for these dates, you will lose your
deposit as normal cancellation policy will apply.

Thank you for your support

Ionian Island Holidays Team

* Please refer to clause 18 in our terms and conditions

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