Like everyone else we are very anxious to help and support our NHS. We feel at the moment, the most practical way we can make a difference is by helping the frontline staff with much needed PPE. After seeing first-hand the shortage in the supply chain of PPE, we wanted to try and help, so we contacted various suppliers to make a bulk order. However, we were really shocked to see the lack of commitment on delivery dates which then made us go back to the drawing board and start thinking outside the box. So, what are we at Ionian doing?


I was discussing this predicament with a very good friend of mine, Yanis Zertalis, who was already working for the NHS through his company Universal Dry Cleaners & Laundry, who were laundering garments for his local Covid-19 response unit, for free. He had also come to the same conclusion as me that we need to supply scrubs to the NHS where its most needed. Yani, had already started production using his own facilities and working in conjunction with various charitable groups and local associations. It was a good start but we both knew that if we could scale up the effort, it would make a huge difference.

Yani put things in motion which enabled us to quickly raise £5,000 from friends and family and we at Ionian matched this amount.
We are now working towards a minimum target of £15,000 needed to achieve our goal of making 1,500 sets of reusable high standard scrubs.

This as you can imagine is a mammoth task we are undertaking, sourcing suitable materials which are already in short supply, obtaining as many sowing machines as we can get our hands on, as well as the necessary machinists who are kindly volunteering to make the scrubs. We contacted the NHS regarding the design and safety standards they require, as well as the logistics involved in setting this up and we are very happy to report the first 600 sets of scrubs have been delivered and already in use by our wonderful frontline staff.

This makes us very proud to keep supporting the NHS and this truly worthy cause.

Most health care workers are now working overtime and as such need multiple sets of uniforms to keep on rotation. Our aim is to provide a further 900 finished high quality scrubs for those who need them, as well as free laundering, in order that they can be reused safely and at no cost to themselves, in an effort to take the strain as much as possible off the NHS.

Please donate what you can to help our NHS.


Thank you for your support.


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