Coronavirus (COVID-19) update – 30 July 2020

At Ionian & Aegean Island Holidays, we know how important your holidays are to you and we want to ensure that you feel safe in the knowledge that your holidays are important to us too. For that reason, amidst the ever changing news and updates regarding COVID-19 or the Coronavirus, rest assured that your planned holiday or if planning to book a package since news of the outbreak, will either go ahead safely as planned, or you will receive the choice of alternative options.

Q. Will my holiday be going ahead this summer?

A. The UK Government has now negotiated travel corridors with certain countries and the FCO has announced that their advice against non-essential travel to Greece has been lifted. Guests will no longer need to quarantine when returning from Greece or whilst in Greece and as a result are now operating our holidays.
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Q. Is Greece a Safe Destination to go on holiday?

A. Greece is ready to welcome tourists for a long-anticipated holiday season, being unanimously glorified by the international media for is handling of the crisis. Greece’s positive health performance record against coronavirus in combination with its countless secluded islands makes it the perfect destination for your holiday!
Greece reported less than 250 COVID-19 deaths and under 5,000 cases during the pandemic period. The country’s immediate and successful response is a passport of safety, credibility, and health for its visitors. With all safety measures, keeping visitors and locals healthy, Greece promises to show its traditional hospitality this summer.

Q. Will my holiday be different if I travel this summer? What are you doing to make sure my holiday is safe when travel resumes this summer?

A. The last few months have been challenging to say the least. The way we shop, where we work, and how we socialise have all changed. Our holidays, and how we get there, is also adapting to ensure travel is enjoyable, efficient, and safe. As the summer season returns and travel restrictions are eased, we want to reassure you that we are doing everything we can to continue to take you and your family on safe and enjoyable holidays to Greece and her islands. From check-in, flights, resort transfers or car hire, in fact, everything including your villa, apartment, pension or hotel, we have every element of your holiday covered. So, with that in mind, we have outlined our promise to you, so you can enjoy your holidays with us with complete peace of mind.


We have introduced extra measures to protect you, as well as us, against COVID-19 – from disinfecting the aircraft cabin to making sure all our accommodation is deep-cleaned before they reopen and prior to every new arrival.

You’ll be supported in resort by our experienced and fully trained Overseas Team available 24hours a day, 7days a week. Our entire team have well drilled and up to date with the latest guidance advice to keep you safe during your stay and all interactions with them appropriately safe.

Before you board, all aircraft will have been deep cleaned from nose to tail. All the planes we use are fitted with state-of-the-art filters and ventilation systems, which carefully control the air quality and flow fresh clean air through the cabin every few minutes.

As you’d expect from the award-winning Ionian Island Holidays, when you arrive at your destination, everything will have been fully checked to ensure your safety and wellbeing. From your resort transfers to your hire car.

We also have procedures and a detailed plan in place to make sure all our properties meet the highest standards of cleanliness using the latest EU certified cleaning products.


Q. I am booked to travel, and my balance is due & I want to cancel my booking ahead of my departure date?

A. For all holidays we have extended our balance due dates as follows-:

• For departures between 27th July to 15th Aug Balance Due = 21 Days
• For departures between 16th Aug to 31st August- Balance Due = 28 days
• For departures between 1st September to 24th October – Balance Due = 42 days

Provided we can still fulfil all the elements of your holiday, our standard booking conditions and cancellation terms will apply. If at this point the holiday is operating and you chose not to travel, you will need to cancel your holiday in writing. Depending on when you cancel you will forgo your deposit & incur cancellation charges, as follows.

In any event If wish to cancel the holiday, this must be done in writing to us. A written notification must be received by us by recorded or registered mail or by e-mail. No cancellation will be effective until such written notice is received by us.

If you have specific reasons for not wishing to travel when there are no FCO restrictions in place, we ask you to contact your travel insurers for information about cover.

Q. My holiday has been cancelled. What are my options?

A. If your holiday has been cancelled either because the flight or accommodation has been cancelled, we are currently offering the following options-:

• We will look at similar alternative options that are available for your dates of travel.
• Change the same holiday for the same dates in 2021 at no additional cost. By re booking the same holiday for next year, you will have no additional deposit to pay and you will secure the same price as you were due to pay this year (subject to availability).
The only exception to this is where you have booked at 2019 prices. We are unable to accept 2021 holiday bookings at 2019 rates. In this event we will have to re cost the holiday at 2020 rates. Early booking, loyalty discounts and promotional discounts will still apply.
• If you want to continue travelling but on a different date or destination, Ionian & Aegean Island Holidays will do everything possible to help provide you with all the new options. However, if the total of your new holiday is more, then you will have to pay the difference, which will need to be paid when the balance becomes due. If the cost of the new holiday is less than the amount you have paid then we will refund the difference.
• If you cannot decide at this moment in time but still intend to travel with us, Ionian & Aegean Island Holidays are offering a Refund Credit Note equivalent to the money you have paid us, which is fully protected under ATOL bonding and in line with guidance issued by ABTA, guaranteeing that your money is 100% safe. The Refund Credit Note can be used for any of our holidays travelling before the 31st October 2021, and we will allow you up to the 31 March 2021 to confirm your new travel arrangements. If you decide not to rebook a holiday with us, you will still be eligible for a cash refund at the expiry date of the Refund Credit Note. It also retains the financial protection you had with your original booking. If you cannot decide regarding the alternatives, we will re contact you 14 days prior to your original departure in order to find the most suitable resolution.

Q. Can I get a refund?

A. If your holiday is operating and you choose not to travel, you will not be entitled any refund and unfortunately you will need to forfeit your deposit. Please check our revised balance due dates to avoid incurring any additional cancellation charges.

If your holiday cannot operate we do hope you will choose one of the options that we have offered instead of requesting a refund and we are truly grateful to the large number of customers who have opted to reschedule their holidays with us or accept a credit voucher. If, however, none of the alternatives are acceptable you will be entitled to a refund.

If you have requested a refund, we will therefore process a refund as quickly as we can. The unprecedented scale of refunds being processed means this will take a little longer than normal and we appreciate your patience. In addition, due to many of the airlines delaying refunds, where you have paid the full balance this may mean your refund may come in 2 parts. Where only a deposit payment of £150 per person has been made please note that in most cases this does not cover the flight cost, we have paid the airline, in which case the refund may take longer to process. If there is a delay caused by the airline, we will be sure to keep you informed. With the current volume of enquiries that we are dealing with refunds to customers will be processed as soon as we can, we estimate that time period as being 14-21 days from your original departure date. Please Note that this is much sooner than the time prescribed by ABTA and we thank you for your patience & understanding.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office provides up-to-date travel information to help British travellers make informed decisions about travelling abroad. Should you wish to check their advice or information about the destination you are travelling to, please visit their website

Q. What happens if I have booked and paid for my holiday and the FCO or the country I am travelling to introduce a travel ban or advice against all but essential travel?

A. In these circumstances you will be entitled to a number of alternative options including a full refund.

Q. What happens in the event of a “Local” lockdown in the UK preventing our group, or any member of our group from travelling. Will I be entitled to a refund?

A. In the event of a local lock down you would not be entitled to a refund from us but if you are prevented from travelling you should be able to claim from your travel insurance provided you took out the policy before the lockdown was imposed.
In the event of a local lock down you should first check with your local authority to ascertain if the local ban prevents you from travelling abroad as some local lock downs only apply to services provided in the area affected .
If you are not allowed to travel provided you took out your insurance before any local lockdown preventing you from travelling your policy should cover you for this eventuality.
You should ensure that your insurance policy has the option of Travel Disruption Extension
Under these circumstances if the UK Government or local authorities have not issued any advice before you bought the policy you will be covered if a local lockdown preventing you from travel is bought in.
Equally when you bought your policy which includes Travel Disruption Extension this should cover you if there was not a publicly know outbreak or quarantine in the resort you are travelling to.

Q. What Do I need to be insured against COVID-19?

A. It is essential you have the correct travel insurance. For your travel insurance to be valid, the FCO must have removed their advice against ‘all but essential travel’; we expect this to happen as part of the air bridges. You should check that your policy covers you for medical expenses, subsistence, and repatriation if you or a member of your party contact COVID-19 during your holiday. If you took out a single trip policy or renewed an annual policy before the outbreak began in February, you should be covered but you will need to contact your insurance to check if you are covered. Some insurances are allowing customers extensions on their policies to cover specifically for COVID-19.
Whilst we do not sell or recommend specific travel insurance policies ourselves, several insurers, including Cover for You, Stay Sure, AXA and Trail finders, are now offering policies that specifically cover COVID-19.

With regards to local lockdowns occurring before your departure and you cannot travel for this reason most travel insurance should cover this eventuality.

The above information is correct as at 30-Jul-2020. We reserve the right to change our policies in light of new information or travel restrictions.

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