Press Release – May, 23rd 2012

GREECE: Mesmerising as always.

History, Nature and Lifestyle at their best, in a continuous celebration of senses in the country that never stops surprising: Greece.

Beautiful beaches, breathtaking sunsets, unique islands in a magnificent archipelagos stand as a charm to million of visitors around the globe, ready to welcome and host you for the holidays of your lifetime.

Archeological sites, museums and modern attractions beyond any comparison in the mainland, mountainous destinations with traditional atmosphere and religious monuments form a scenery resisting time and millenniums.

None of these has changed, none of these is influenced by the current economic crisis and we, the Pan-Hellenic Federation of tour operators and travel agencies, the tourism professionals as well as the authorities verify that you will be treated the way guests have been treated in the country since antiquity: as family members.

 As for Athens which is at the very spot of the global interest due to the forthcoming elections is already in the summer mood, with its beautiful nearby beaches crowded, with an amazing Riviera full of beach bars and night clubs providing you with plenty entertainment alternatives and the famous Greek light to surround you.

 Safety is and has always been the top priority and remains at an excellent level.

The Olympic Flame – lit last week – transfers the Greek light around the world. Find its source, visit Greece now, do not postpone it for any reason. Greece is ready to welcome you as a top level destination and best “value for money” than ever!

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