Greece & the Euro – May 23

Message from the Managing Director.

During this difficult financial and political time the world is currently facing, those travelling to Greece this summer are understandably concerned that their holiday may be affected. 

We would like to assure you that this is not the case.

We continue to monitor the situation very closely and are somewhat amazed by the inaccurate, misleading and unsubstantiated reporting of the situation.

There are numerous rumours of what might happen if Greece exits the Euro and no doubt this has led to concern. Despite these reports we feel that is unlikely that Greece will leave the Euro.  Recent polls indicate that 80 % of the Greek people are in favour of remaining within the Eurozone. More importantly, the G8 leaders at their recent summit at Camp David have re-confirmed their commitment of Greece remaining in the Euro.  We also feel that on the 17th June Greece will vote for a stable government who will reaffirm Greece’s commitment to remain in the euro.

On a positive note we are hugely encouraged with the number of people currently enjoying their holiday with us in Greece.  Many have e-mailed to say they are having a truly fantastic time, and would like to extend their holiday by a further week.  Many have also told us how unfairly the media has been in their reporting of the crisis and how different reality is from perceptions.  One positive outcome has also been the fantastic exchange rate travellers are currently enjoying.  In 2010 sterling was almost at parity with the euro, today it is 1.25 euros to £1.

We always follow advice issued by the British Foreign and Commonwealth office, which has remained unchanged advising it, is safe to travel to Greece. “Around 2.335 million British nationals visit Greece every year (Source: Civil Aviation Authority).  Most visits are trouble-free but you should maintain at least the same level of personal security awareness as you would in the UK”

Whilst we believe it is unlikely that your holiday will be disrupted in any way, in any event please be assured we will continue to carefully monitor the situation and take any precautionary action should we feel it necessary.  Moreover your holiday with Ionian & Aegean Island Holidays is protected by our Air Travel Organisers Licence through the Civil Aviation Authority (ATOL 5853). We are also members of the Association of British Travel Agents (W5804) and the Association of Independent tour Operators (AITO 5069).This means you are provided with complete financial protection.

We would like to reassure you that Greece is very much open for business and looking forward to welcoming its guests.  All the ingredients that make Greece the perfect holiday destination have not changed.  Greece’s diversely charismatic coastlines, secluded beaches and picturesque villages and friendly locals are as welcoming and keen for your custom as ever!

The sun is still shining, the waters are still blue and Greece will always welcome you!

Should you have any specific questions then please do not hesitate to contact us

 Dimitri Patrikios

Managing Director

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