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We are delighted to have been voted "Best Luxury Self-Catering And Villa Booking Company" as well as "Best Holiday Company To Hellenic Europe" for six consecutive years from 2011 to 2016.
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Our prices are per person with no hidden extras. We include:
  • Flights with 20kg luggage allowance
  • Fuel Surcharges
  • Accommodation
  • Transfers (where applicable)
  • Car Hire (where specified)
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Plus, we offer an additional 10% off for under 16's on most holidays!


Our team of experienced and knowledgeable advisers are here to make your holiday to the Greek islands memorable - and for the right reasons!


Ionian Map

The summit of Mount Olympus provided Zeus with an excellent view of the world of mortals.

Although largely satisfied with the high mountains, green valleys, fertile plains and winding rivers laid beneath his feet, there seemed to be something missing away to the east. Maybe there was an element of sibling rivalry, for this was his brother Poseidon's domain, an empty expanse of blue, broken only by the curl of wind blown waves.

Reaching down from his throne, he gathered up great rocks and cast them far over the waves.

So were born the Aegean Islands, although modern geologists may have a different theory!


The Island of Reefs, a magnificent craggy coastline hiding secluded bays and narrow inlets, each with a sheltered beach fringed by pine forests of oak[more] and olive groves. Skopelos is remarkably undeveloped. The island's eponymous capital is a bustling harbour with a maze of narrow paved streets, old churches and a Ventian fortress. The real Skopelos reveals itself in scattered villages surrounded by ancient pines and the sparkling Aegean beyond!


The remotest of the three inhabited islands, this is the haven we all dream about when life becomes too stressful. This narrow wooded island, once[more] called Ikos (after the sun and there's a clue) is about relaxation and tranquility. There are many old trails, criss-crossing the island leading down to the uncrowded beaches.


The smaller if the three inhabited islands and the most popular, due in part to its airport, but mainly because of its string of golden sandy beaches[more], bustling Skiathos Town and its clear waters. The west coast is spectacular and largely undeveloped coast is spectacular and largely undeveloped, whilst the interior is still rural with olive groves, pine woods and aromatic hillsides that few explore.


Pelion Peninsula
The Pelion Peninsula is truly unique. The Aegean on one side, the sheltered inland sea of the Pagasitic Gulf on the oher and the mountains of[more] the Pelion which form a high green land barrier in the north. The protected forests of oak, chestnut and beech are the crowning glory of the Pelion unaltered over the centuries, they cover evey hillside, steep valley and ravine. The Pelion is unsurpassed for exploration on foot.